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Welcome to the web site of the Youth Sports School Brno – Basketball School associated with the Náměstí Svornosti Primary School.

This school continues in the tradition of the Basketball School which existed since the 70’s of the 20th century at the Primary School in Náměstí Svornosti 7, Brno – Žabovřesky. We are focusing on an overall physical and mental development of children and youth. Thanks to contests and games with or without ball, we strive to develop especially the speed and skill in the preparatory. In the smallest pupils category, the training is aimed at the build-up of the specific game activities of each individual. We constantly improve these kinds of activities in the youngest children and junior categories. We want the children to enjoy the basketball not only on the first rate sports level but also as a leisure time activity. From the very beginning we teach them the principles of teamwork with the emphasis on support to the younger ones. Our object is to introduce the children to this beautiful sport, give them good principles and pass the talented players on to the league clubs where they can work further.

There is currently a mixed preparatory, team of the youngest mini (girls and boys year 2010 and younger), junior mini (girls and boys year 2009 and younger), older mini boys (year 2008 and younger), U14 league boys (year 2007 and younger), U15 league boys (year 2006 and younger), U17 league boys (year 2005, 2004 and younger) and U19 league teams (year 2003, 2002 and younger) at our club.